Leadership Team

Photo of Wayne Sullivan

Wayne Sullivan


Founder of VRS, Wayne began his professional career as a Veteran’s Counselor for the Project to Advance Veteran’s Employment (PAVE).  In combination with nearly 35 years of experience as a Vocational Counselor, he has overseen the financial and administrative operations of VRS since founding the company in 1997.  With a staff of nearly 50 people and continued growth on the horizon, VRS is now the largest regional provider of Medical and Vocational Case Management services in New England.
Photo of Fred Frey

Fred Frey
Vice President

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Fred has worked in the disability management field since 1988, beginning as a Vocational Counselor and Job Coach for traumatic brain injured clientele at Baylor Hospital in Dallas, Texas. From 1996 to 2003, he was co-owner of Work Recovery Services, Inc., Vermont’s largest privately owned industrial rehabilitation clinic. His current role as a partner at VRS Disability Management involves overseeing customer and community relations. Fred, along with all of the partners and staff at VRS, is committed to a thorough understanding of each customer’s challenges, priorities and expectations.

Photo of Libby Hosford-Walsh

Libby Hosford-Walsh

Vice President of Operations

Libby joined the VRS Team in August, 2014 and serves as our Vice President of Operations. She earned her MS in Psychology at Cal State and has worked in the world of Workers’ Compensation since 1996. Her prior experience included six years in the Pain Management field as an Internal Case Manager. Libby has held management positions since 1998 and currently oversees all VRS operations in New England. She is a member of the Case Management Society of America and in her spare time she enjoys the culinary arts and is a published and recorded songwriter.

Photo of Tracy Carey

Tracy Carey
Audit Team Supervisor
& HR Director

Tracy has been a vital member of the VRS team since joining our organization in February, 2010. She currently serves as our Audit Team Supervisor and Human Resource Director. In her free time, Tracy enjoys camping, hiking and spending time with her family.
Photo of Scott Doyle
Scott Doyle
Director of Sales


Scott serves as our Director of Sales. He has worked in the Workers’ Compensation and Disability Management field for over 25 years. Scott has held many positions including Vocational Case Manager, Account Manager, Operations Manager and Sales Manager. He has extensive experience working in all six New England states and is respected as a trusted, knowledgeable and valuable resource to our customers and colleagues throughout the country.
Photo of Trevor

Trevor Sullivan
Director of Finance and Information Systems

Serving as our Director of Finance and Information Systems, Trevor has worked in various leadership capacities in the insurance industry since 2004.  His experience includes Actuarial Analytics for local and regional corporations as well as 10 years as a Product Research and Solutions Director for a major international insurance carrier.  As VRS endeavors to be the best we can be, Trevor’s addition ensures our investment in the long-term future and well-being of our company, colleagues, partners, and customers.  VRS continues to grow and evolve thanks to the many exceptional people like Trevor we are proud to have in our organization.