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Our experienced case managers, specialists and consultants are dedicated to assisting claims professionals manage and reduce both the tangible and intangible cost of their claims. VRS does this by offering cost effective care management based on efficient, appropriate and collaborative strategies that focus on return-to-work and case resolution.

We believe productive care management is a short-term investment that nets long-term gains. All of our services are provided by qualified, experienced and local professionals. Our aim is to insure the dollar you invest in VRS will generate a significantly higher return-on-investment than you would receive from any other claims resolution provider.

VRS offers a wide variety of care management opportunities designed to resolve the specific particulars of each claim:

  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Labor Market Surveys
  • Field Nurse Case Management
  • Telepresence/Triage
  • Telephonic Nurse Case Management
  • Life Care Plans
  • Medicare Set Asides/Medicare Set Aside Reviews
  • Medical Cost Projections
  • Hospital/Provider Bill Audits
  • Massachusetts Fee Negotiations
  • Ergonomic Services & Consultation
  • Drug Utilization Reviews
  • Veteran's Employability Assessments

If you are looking for a wise choice with optimal return-on-investment, we ask you to consider VRS. There's not a safer, more reliable option in the marketplace today.